The Story Rarely Told

The story from my childhood that I rarely tell to anyone is the one when my house burned down when I was about 12 years old. It has a not so cold December evening, maybe 10 days before New Years or so and I remember sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother having finished my […]


All The Pregnancy Things

I am now entering the third trimester of my first pregnancy and wanted to document here a bit some thoughts and feelings before the time flies by and I completely forget how it all feels like. Pregnancy is definitely an interesting state that brought a lot of changes for me. The biggest change for me […]


Books in 2020

Last year, I started what I think would be a good tradition on this blog and that is looking back at all the books that I read throughout the year. In 2019, I read just 10 books and my goal for this year was to improve that number. I have not counted how many I […]