A Glimpse of Amsterdam

It is not a first time I have been to Amsterdam, and I always have the same impression about this city. “Amsterdam is weird!”, but oh well, who or what is not?

For example, a proof of Amsterdam weirdness…

Condomerie, wut??

But is also beautiful when the tourists are hiding and when you can take a stroll in the empty town in the morning:

Also, when having a brunch in a small restaurant owned by a sweet lady (who sold “space” brownies at the counter for 6 Euro per piece), we got a mint tea. Actually a mint tea,,,

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Oh well…

There was also no escape from tulips, but who can object to them or resist them – including airport interior designers and cafe owners…


Amsterdam is a city I have been to a few times, but I have never actually been to longer than one day. And no matter what the only Dutch I know – Senff – says, I will come back to see more!

And the rule is – when you have a long layover in Amsterdam, or anywhere else, just get out to check out what is there. Well, that’s actually not the rule, that’s what I prefer to do 🙂



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