Throwback to Switzerland

Once upon a time, a few years ago, I did a road trip in Switzerland. It has been years since I had a chance to look through my pictures and edit them, but here they come (let’s call it a personal challenge for not only taking pictures but also for using them and editing them). I will leave here a few stops that we made that are really worth visiting.


Bodensee is a lake that borders both Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a great mountains view. Things to do – you can take a ride on a ferry and see the shores of all three countries with little cute houses there.


Zurich is the biggest Swiss city. It is also expensive: a ride on a tram on-way will cost you something around 5CHF. So taking a car to drive around the city does make sense, but be prepared for confusing roads and intersections. We missed our turn 4 times while trying to get on the highway (here needs to be an emoji).

On a serious note, Zurich has the most wonderful Kunsthaus I have even been to. You can pay for the entrance and then wander around the galleries the whole day staring at Monet’s best pieces. There are a few levels in the building that cover different artistic periods. This is where I will go every day when I retire.

A Stop Somewhere Between Zurich and Bern

We took a short stop while driving from Zurich to Bern somewhere close to Lucerne and found a few impressive views of the mountains from the Jungfrau region. We have not visited the Jungfrau mountain on that trip, but it is a must for the future!

Bern Zoo

If you have kids, Bern Zoo is a must stop. If you do not, it is also a must stop. It is a pretty impressive zoo with a lot of animals walking close by.

Capital of Switzerland  – Bern

I do not remember exactly what we did in Bern, but walking around the city center is definitely worth doing. There are a lot of small houses with impressive architecture (if you are into it) with a lot of aesthetic expressions.

Ah yes, Bern also has the most amazing cheese and white wine fondue!


Avry-devant-Pont is a tiny village between Bern and Lausanne. The reason why we decided to stop here is obviously that it is much cheaper to rent a hotel there than in bigger cities. We arrived late at night and did not have time to look around, but in the morning we woke up to this…

Chateau de Chillon

Chateau de Chillon is one of the most popular attractions for tourists in Switzerland. It is an ancient chateau in the middle of the mountains – what can be more picturesque than this?

If you want, you can also go inside the chateau for a tour; but even without it, it is worth coming at least for these magnificent views!

Lunch at Wineberg

On your way to Montreaux, you can not skip Wineberg – it is probably the best thing you can do in Switzerland.

In short, Wineberg is a mountain or rather a slope of the hill where Swiss farmers grow their vines. If you go up (and there will be a path for you to do so), you will end up on the top of Winerberg where you will find picnic tables and most important, the best view of the mountains you can possibly get. Grab your food and enjoy 🙂

These are my favorite bits from Switzerland. Till next trip!



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