I Made A Sweater

During a conversation a few months ago, someone asked me if I would buy 100-dollar jeans. The question was asked in a tone of joking conspiracy against people who buy expensive cloth. My answer, though, was that it would depend on how much money I make. And if I can afford it, I would. After an uncomfortable giggle, the conversation drifted in the other direction. Yet, I still have not changed my mind.

Yes, I would pay 100 dollars for jeans if I can. And it is not because I like expensive brands – quite the opposite, I hate shopping. But I adore quality. I can not believe that when buying cheap clothes and let’s not name the stores there (we can stick with fictive “Clothmart” as an example), I am investing in anything good. And here is an idea behind it: if I pay less for a product, I support a company that produces that product. That’s is the end of the idea. It is a simple as that. If I pay a bit more for a product, I invest in better working conditions, work ethics and salaries. From that angle, 100 dollar jeans do not seem too bad. But what does it actually take to make a piece of something?

I wanted to test so I knit a sweater. Do not take me wrong, I am not a knitter. Yet. I like testing things so I ordered needles, wool and spent a few days, well weeks, crafting a sweater. To be honest, I used to knit as a kid so I was not starting from scratch.

What I Needed:

  • A tutorial: well, obviously, I would not invent a sweater pattern if I was not knitting for years. I found this wonderful tutorial from Wool And The Gang on YouTubeefor their Wonderwool Sweater. It was clear and easy to follow.
  • Needles: I bought 12mm and 24mm; as per that tutorial, I had to alternate those
  • Wool: I ordered mine from Wool And The Gang since it was in the tutorial so for me, it seemed to be easier to go with that option (I am not familiar with wool types, prices and what kind of wool is better for what)
  • Time and Patience

I loved doing it – the whole process was exciting, engaging and creative. I reknit my sleeves and my back and front a few times because they were either too big, small and wide. But what kind of creative work comes out right from the first try?

Yes, that’s right. I do think that crafting is creative work. Either you are creating a new design, knitting a sweater or sewing a dress, you invest your creativity, time, patience and vision. Although I do not think there is a price for that, I am ready to pay more than 100 dollars.

P.S. Sherlock loves the sweater too.

2018-04-13 12.47.37 1 2


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