On Sherlock, The Dog

Sherlock is my dog. He is almost two years old Australian shepherd – extremely energetic, curious and at times annoying. He is a part of a family, that’s no question. But here is something more – he stands for the dream that came true.

Some people wait to have a child their whole life – it is a goal and a dream. I am weird to the extent that I wanted to have a dog as long as I remember myself. My parents travelled a lot with me and we left for long periods of time. We also lived in the apartment on the twelveth floor which makes it hard to keep the dog. As a kid, I had a packed schedule – I left home at 7am and came back at 10pm after all the activities I had on my list. My parents love animals and out of that love, for practical reasons, the dog was always a “no” for me. I always wondered if our business was an excuse?

Yet I still wanted a dog. And as soon as I settled down at some place, this was the first things I did – on June 28, we moved in a new place and on July 1, we went to pick up Sherlock from a farm. When we went to see the puppies the first time, this one was definitely not the one I was looking at – he was the most energetic and I leaned towards a more timid one. Nicolas though liked the one that we took home. I have never regretted it.

Sherlock has a personality. He is named Sherlock after the great detective Sherlock Holmes and he is for sure very curious. He goes around to investigate every new object we bring in the house.

My father-in-law calls Sherlock “a devil dog during the day and angel dog during the night”. At 6 am, he can crash on you and start licking your face – yep, it is time to go out – and the craziness does not stop.  We have seen this dog being tired just once – after 3 days of running at the summer house and that’s it. At 6pm though, he is like a sponge, you can do whatever you want with him when he is tired – you want him to sleep by your side, not a problem, you just need to place him there and he will stay.

Sherlock teaches me a few good qualities too – perseverance, patience, and simplicity. He does not stop until he gets his piece of cheese, he tries different tricks and methods to get it. He perseveres. He waits for it patiently because he knows that it will be rewarded. When he is tired, he sleeps. When he is hungry, he eats. When he is joyful, he enjoys his time. These are simple things yet I sometimes forget how necessary and important they are.

But most of all, Sherlock represents for me the dream that came true. But actually, let me rephrase it – he represents an “active dream”. If you want something and you think is right for you, go for it. Do not dream, but go for it – take actions, start somewhere, make a plan or do not make a plan – whatever works for you. It will take you on a journey you did not expect to be on.



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