The North Of Iceland: Myvatn And More

On our fourth day in Iceland, we have headed from Egilsstaðir in the direction to Dettifoss and Goðafoss waterfalls in the North of Iceland. Our route approximately look likes this:

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 6.07.50 PM.png

During the first half an hour, we drove a lot up the hill through the snowy tops of the mountains and even saw some snow falling.

As we followed the rows, the mountains around grew higher and higher giving us some magnificent views of the surroundings. In one of the pit stops, there was also a cute chair with a hear shape which none of the tourists could resist sitting on.

Our original plan was to stop at Dettifoss, another beautiful waterfall, but as we neared towards our location, the road had a sign that it is closed. We decided to drive through a bit longer and then eventually arrived at a part through which it was impossible to go by car. Since the visit to Dettifoss did not happen, we decided to head closer to Myvatn, a volcanic lake in the north of Iceland. Around 20 minutes before Myvatn, we saw several cars stopping in one of the pit stops and the smoke coming from the ground all around. Out of curiosity, we decided to stop as well and came across sulfur chimneys. In general, sulfur chimneys are formed from hot water charged with minerals and volcanic gases that rises to the surface. It is impressive to see but be prepare for the smell!

After sulfur chimneys, we headed to Myvatn nature baths – it is in a way a smaller version of Blue Lagon. Myvatn is a man-made lake that is heated through natural mineral hot waters. The price to visit baths is around 70 CAD, which would be the cheapest option but which does not include towels. So if you would like to visit with the most budget option, be prepared to have your own towels. The baths were quite nice and we spent there around 3 hours relaxing in the hot water while the snow was falling from the sky. At some point, my eyelashes became white from the ice on them!

Our next destination was Goðafoss waterfall – another spectacular waterfall in Iceland and probably one of the least crowded ones.

As we have left Goðafoss, we slowly started moving towards Hvammstangi, a town in the western north of Iceland that is also called the “seal town”. One of the most popular attractions offered to tourists in the city is going on the boat to the ocean to see whales and seals. We did not have a chance, well most time to check this option out, but we did enjoy great views on the way there. 

In my first post about Iceland, I mentioned that Iceland is diverse and various, changing every 50 kilometers. Now you can see it yourself.

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