Sea City: La Rochelle, France

This spring when we were travelling in France, one of our stops was the city close to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean called La Rochelle. The city itself is of the medium size and we stopped there on Sunday of the long weekend.

While strolling through old historical streets, we tried to catch the fruit market but by the time we got there, the market was wrapping up. Although it would have been nice to have fresh produce for lunch, we stopped instead in the small bakery with these gorgeous meringues.

The city itself has a beautiful port that goes right into the Atlantic ocean. The harbour was full of tourists and locals enjoying the afternoon spring sun and sitting by the water and the atmosphere was lovely. We soaked in that lovely atmosphere and sat close to the water enjoying our meringues.

While walking around, we also noticed that most of the locals were having mussels for lunch on the restaurants’ terraces and it seemed to be the dish of the day in most of the places. I decided to give a try the mussels’ pot with garlic sauce which was right in the mood of that relaxed atmosphere.

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