Annual Trip To Saint-Simon

Saint-Simon is a small village in the north of Quebec on the shore of the St. Lawrence River.  Although this is a rather trivial description, I love going there because the nature around that area is magnificent – bright skies full of stars every night, the calming sound of waves and the blueness of the horizon. Luckily, Nicolas’ grandparents happen to own a cabin there and we try to go for at least a few days every year. 2019 was not an exception.

We had 4 days altogether in Saint-Simon this year. Most of them turned out unexpected hot – the temperature in the summer there does not usually go higher than 25C. This time, it was reaching 30C. Despite the hot weather prevailing, we had a chance to cool ourselves down by walking on the beaches of the St. Lawrence River.

Another highlight of our activities during this short getaway was going to the Bic National Parc that is famous for its seals and sea-like views. We walked around for about 3 hours, dipped our feet in the refreshing water and enjoyed the beautiful marine landscape.

Here is also a bit of image silliness from me:

And a little bit more…

As the days were rather hot, we went to a few different beaches – the one below is specifically from Saint-Simon.

And of course, I can not skip the sunsets – we went to watch them every evening and those were marvellous – with peaceful and eternal waves bringing peace to our overwhelmed by the busy days lives. They were a great reminder to pause, listen, watch and breathe.

As for Sherlock, he also had a great time swimming and running after Frisbee to his heart’s content. We will miss you Saint-Simon, and of course, until next time.


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