Different Kind of Strawberry Picking

This spring has been exceptionally warm in Quebec which means that we have the local strawberry ready much earlier than usual. In the few last year, it would be at the end of June but this year around June 10, the fields were open for picking – this meant I had to go but I also have a one month old baby which meant she had to go with me.

Usually I like to go really early in the morning, somewhere before 8 to avoid the heat and people with kids and pick up my strawberries in peace. Well now I am one of these people with kids so Nicolas found a place that worked until 5pm and we got there around 1. A bit late but the advantage of it was that we were not assigned to a specific patch and were able to wander around and pick any strawberries we wanted. We ended up with two nice baskets of fresh local strawberries and dropped some of it at Nicolas’ grandparents after.

As for the baby, she just slept through most of it – we thought about putting her in the carrier but she was chilling in her car seat so did not dear to move her. We just brought the car seat to the field and it worked out great – the guy working there gave us a ride from the entrance of the farm to strawberry picking place. When there is a will, there is a way, right?

On another note, I am getting closer to getting the green light to start running. Before I do so, I wanted to do a course on pelvic rehabilitation to strengthen my core and lower back and called my physio. They gave me the appointment in October. October?? I was going to attempt a half-marathon in October! I started looking for some courses online and might do just that – it is not covered by my insurance but I am excited to have a goal an start moving.

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