“Conversations with Friends” by Sally Rooney

“Conversations With Friends” is the second book that I read from Sally Rooney. Previously, I really enjoyed “Normal People” and I enjoyed it so much that I read it in a day. No wonder that more books from the same author have been on my list for a while – “Conversations with Friends” one of them.

Similar to “Normal People”, I devoured “Conversations with Friends”. Recently, I have been in a bit of a reading slump and this was a perfect book to get me going with reading again. I generally absolutely enjoy the writing of Sally Rooney – she has a perfect skill for capturing emotions and feelings and showing the character’s world through it. It is also flowy and captivating and always keeps you on your toes. I find her books to be a treat for my tired brain.

As for the plot, in the story, a bi-sexual university student Francis falls for a married man Nick, whose wife is her friend. They start an affair and it goes on through most of the book until each of them parts their way. It might sound as a simplistic plot but Sally Rooney’s strength, I think, is not a plot itself but vibrant, lively, interesting and captivating characters. Somehow, she always manages to create her characters with attractive and lovable flaws and capture their growths just perfectly. I also loved a coming of age theme in the book – Francis is kind of figuring out what and who she loves and who she is and I think we need more characters like this: unsure, searching, jumping into experiences. All in all, I loved the book and definitely recommend it as a cozy evening read.

I did not write down many quotes from the book this time but here is one that stood out to me:

Everyone’s always going through something, aren’t they? That’s life, basically. It’s just more and more things to go through.

I recently heard someone saying that if Sally Rooney wrote a grocery list, they would still read it because she is that good. I could not agree more.

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