Weekly Ramblings #1

In my last post, I shared a bit about my struggles with insomnia and how most likely, according to my GP, it is a result of stress and anxiety. When I was talking about this with my coach, she reminded me how writing can be a powerful tool to release stress. It is funny that she mentioned that because as soon as I wrote my previous post, I immediately felt better. So aside from journaling every night, I have also decided to post here weekly recaps of how things have been going and such. I think it will also be cool to go back to these ramblings at some points and read them – it always gives you a glimpse of how far you have come.

On the health level this week, my insomnia seems to be getting a bit more under control. I am taking the sleeping pills at the moment for that definitely helps. I have also cut down on any alcohol before sleep and increased my exercise. A few weeks before Christmas, I bought a used treadmill and I think it was the best investment ever. We have been having lots of extreme cold in the past two weeks with -20C so it would be impossible to run outside. I think the gyms are also closed due to Covid – I would not have gone anyway because I usually run when the baby naps during the day and I would not want to lose time for the commute. In that sense, having a treadmill has been perfect to bring my exercise up. Running has always been my type of therapy so I am enjoying it very much at the moment.

I have also been doing some yoga and stretching. There is a free YouTube class that I love – the woman is Russian who lives in Chile and every time I do her stretching routine for back and neck, I feel like I had a great massage session. I wrote about it a few years ago and I still love going back to that class – especially after a long workday of sitting in front of the computer.

This week I also moved a bit more through my JavaScript course – I am having lots of fun with these. I even managed to build a small (very simple) game. I had lots on my plate workwise in the past few weeks so these courses have been a great distraction for me. I often lose track of time when doing this which I think a sign that I am quite enjoying them.

This week, we have also finished the second season of “Ted Lasso”. I really enjoyed that show and I think season 2 was great compared to season 2 of “Emily in Paris” which was okay but not as good as the first one.

On the reading front, right now I am going through “Marriage of Opposites” by Alice Hoffman and I am really enjoying it. I have slowed down reading in the past few weeks because of so many things happening and partly my insomnia which made me extra tired, but I am hoping to finish it soon. The story itself covers the life of Camille Pissaro, one of the most influential impressionist painters, and his family on St.Thomas island. I found the book to be very engaging and very well written and once I am done, I will definitely post a review here.

Ah, almost forgot. Last weekend, we almost ended up buying a new house. We saw a gorgeous property advertised and made an offer on it while visiting but still have not heard back. I think we probably did not get it considering that the market has been crazy recently and there are many people bidding on the houses. Someone probably outbid us. Getting that place would have been really fun – it is a 130-years-old home that has had major renovations and only needs small changes. It also is located right by the mountain where you can hike from the door of your house. It would have been a great project for us but c’est la vie. Maybe that place was not for us and something better awaits?


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