Weekly Ramblings #2

Another week – another post! I am happy to say that I am staying true to my writing habit – both here and right before sleep for the brain dump. I am glad my coach suggested this approach – I feel like it has been really helpful for inducing calmer sleep for me and releasing anxiety. I also noticed that on the days when I skipped writing, I was much more agitated and restless so I am trying really hard to make it a habit and make it consistent.

On the sleep note, I am sleeping much better this week. I am still taking pills and such but having some sleep vs. having no sleep makes a big difference – either with pills or without. I have noticed that if I go to bed around between 9 and 9:30pm, I am also sleeping much better so I started doing just that. One side effect that this had is that now, I wake up at 5am all by myself and do not feel sleepy at all. A few mornings I tried to fight this but then gave up and now I am running at that time. I found that I rather like it, especially since I usually run in the evening and it is much harder to motivate myself to do some exercise at that time. I am ramping up my running by 1k every week and this week, I am at 8k. Next week, hopefully, my longest run will be 9k and so on. I usually do one long run once per week for now but I might add it one more time. So far, I am pleased with the progress and still very much happy with my purchase of the used treadmill.

In just about a week, I am starting a new exciting rotation at work – I am thrilled to do something different for the next half a year right before I sail off to my sabbatical. This change makes me look forward to the upcoming workdays and I am curious to see what this opportunity has in store.

On a different note, I gave myself a haircut this week. Yep, all by myself. I had an itch to cut my hair for a few days but the closest date my hair salon had available was in about a month. I did not want to wait for so long so I just went for it one evening – I was pretty pleased with the results. This is the Youtube tutorial that I used:

I don’t have a picture of my final cut but I will add it to this post once I take one.

I am trying to buy and cook more whole grains for the baby and something random that I was wondering this week – inspired by my trip to the groceries – is why the brown rice is more expensive than white rice if originally the rice is brown?? I was guessing because it is natural and labelled organic, it has a higher price tag despite lower production cost. It turns out, it is mostly because the rice producers sell bran (the light brown part that covers rice) to rice oil producers so when the rice is sold as brown rice, they don’t make a profit there hence making the product more expensive. I bet you really needed these random rice facts tonight, right 😉

For the end, here is a cute picture of the baby burrito. This week she got her ophthalmological checkup and it was all good. She has a membrane in her eye since she was born – this is something that can happen when the baby develops in the womb and is not caused by anything specific. It basically can just happen and can possibly impact vision development. This is our third checkup and so far, so good. The doctor said she has one more to go and then should be all cleared if everything is fine. Fingers crossed!

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