Plate Painting: Round 2

Last year, I already wrote about plate painting that we did at Ceramic Cafe. This year, we decided to go again and paint smaller plates. If you are not sure what Ceramic Cafe is, it is essentially a cafe where you can come and paint a piece of utensils which they will later coat for you – and voila, you have a custom made plate, cup or vase.

My favourite part about going to Ceramic Cafe is not just that it is a great way to spend time with your friends and family with friendly chatter while painting. For me, plate painting is almost like meditation – calming, soothing and you do not see the time passing by.

Last year, I could barely draw anything but this year I spent a few months on upgrading my drawing skills – I was excited to see if I could spot any improvement in my drawing. Here are the results:

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