Plate Painting!

With my inconsistency with publishing posts, here comes the second one!

We have been meaning to get to Ceramic Cafe for a while; but have been putting it off a few times. In short, Ceramic Cafe is a place where you can pick up different utensils, paint them and they will be glazed and fired for you – voila, you have new personalised kitchen items which you painted yourself. The choice of the items is not limited to utensils only and you can also paint vases, flower pots and other ceramic items.

We have laid our eye on plates since we were out kitchen utensils at home needed an upgrade, and painted fours plates. We should receive them in one week already fired and glazed; but the whole process itself was really fun.

Ceramic Cafe has plenty of accessories such as samples to draw from, sponges, a variety of colors to choose from – all the things to make painting fun.

These are just a few pictures from the process and one of the finished results 🙂

But the plates painting was not only fun; for me, it was also a relaxing time that made me think about human creative potential. I think, in everyone of us, there is a desire to dream and create – this is why we need art and why, most importantly, we love and appreciate art. We all have this desire and in many cases, it goes unfulfilled. Essentially, it does not matter if your art is perfect or perfectly lame, you express yourself and THIS matters – your creative self.

This is it for now – Kat’s lame thoughts for tonight.


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