Kayaking In Trois-Pistole

Trois-Pistole is a small town a few hours away north from Montreal. It is located on the shore of the Saint-Laurence river close where it falls into the ocean. Almost everything about the area makes you feel like you are at the seaside – the fresh salty air, the water full of seaweed, the seals that you can spot putting out their heads from the water and the seagulls above your head. Nicolas’ grandparents have a cabin close to Trois Pistole where we go every year for at least few days. This year was not an exception.

Apart from usual activities such as walking by the river shore and having dinner by the fireplace, we got an offer for kayaking in the sea. Nicolas’ family won the tickets for a free trip so they decided to set us for the trip at the time of the sunset. I mean I only kayaked once before on a lake where I could reach the bottom with a paddle and the whole experience lasted around 20 minutes – nothing comparable to two hours ride in ice-cold water in the sea.

We arrived at the location from which we were supposed to leave an hour before the sunset. Once we got through safety procedures and got our kayaking gear on, we were ready to set.

The whole kayaking trip laster around 3 hours – we paddled around small islands in the sea and seals were popping out their heads from the water close to our kayaks. Our guide later told us that seals are incredibly curious and it is common for them to stay close to boats and kayaks. We were as curious about them as they were about us and every time one of us noticed them, our group of kayaks would stop and observe the creatures.

The culmination of the trip was the sunset. There is not much to say about it: it was so worth paddling for 3 hours and freezing my feet. It felt magical and infinite and when we sat there and enjoyed it, we knew it.


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