“Une Vie Merveilleuse” by Laurie Colwin

I am continuing my quest of recapping every book that I read this year so here comes another one 🙂

“Une Vie Merveilleuse” (“Another Marvelous Thing”) by Laurie Colwin was the second book that I read in French this year. I saw it on the bookshelf on one of the stores in Quebec city in the section comedy thinking it would be a good choice to read for someone who is not yet fully proficient in French. One thing that I did not realize when picking it up is that it was not originally written in French and that the author was American.

The book brings us in the world of two young men – Guido and Vincent (that’s what they were called in translation but I checked the English version and they are apparently Billy and Frank) who are about to meet the women of their life. Guido meets Holly who is very tender and sweet while Vincent falls in love with Misty who is tough-minded and stubborn. In general, the story goes on about their lives until the point that they get married to their other halves and live happily ever after.

I am thinking to myself what more I can say about this book and I realize that it was rather not having many issues, problems or ups and downs in the plot. The plot was flowing calm in a rather straight line – this was perfect for reading it in French as it was easy to comprehend but it would likely not be my first choice for fiction in English.


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