Weekly Ramblings #3

I skipped last week’s ramblings on my blog because life took over but here comes another reflection. I actually missed it from last week. This is starting to feel like a fun space to go to and reflect.

Anyways, the past few weeks were full of appointments for me – dentist, dermatologist, baby things. Last week, I got a small surgery on my neck to remove the mole that was bothering me for a while. Although the doctor said it was not concerning, it kept on getting red from time to time and whenever I would wear a necklace or a chain, it would get irritated. I decide to get it removed for my peace of mind – the doctor said it did not qualify for the free medical coverage, but I was fine with it as long as it stops bothering me.

This Monday, I started a new rotation at work in hiring – there are lots to learn but so far I am enjoying it. It is quite different from the work that I normally do and it feels really nice to have an impact on new hires. I know that whenever a new change comes and it is all interesting and exciting, I tend to neglect other things so this is also kind of what happened to my running. I still did two runs a week for the past two weeks but I did not increase on my distance goal. I am hoping to tackle this next week once things get a bit more settled in.

The last few weeks were really cold in the Montreal area – with the exception of the last few days – so every weekend, I was trying to come up with the activities you can do inside. A week ago or so we made some homemade pizza – Nicolas had his with salami and jalapenos and mine were with bocconcini and basil. I also made a dough from scratch for it. I can’t say it was my favorite dough – I wish it was softer – but overall, it was a fun activity to do.

Homemade pizzas

On the baby news, just today, Sofia got her first tooth piercing through her gums. This is exciting because it has been 9 months since we are waiting for it! In other news, I bought her a small potty to start a very early and very gentle potty training. She seems to be having fun with it but we have not tried yet using it for its purpose. So far she is just practicing sitting 🙂

Last Saturday, we also went to see some friends after months of not seeing anyone at all. They have a 1-year-old baby boy – it was fun to see the babies interact. I did not know how Sofia is going to be since she is not going to daycare. Overall, she was fine but she did not seem to show much interest in another child yet. I think it was still a good idea to give her an opportunity to socialize.

On a random note, I have been watching all of the Olympics’ figure skating competitions. I am a complete figure skating nerd: I used to skate as a child for many years so I am quite well versed in the technical elements and really enjoy watching championships. Anyhow, just yesterday, one of the Russian athletes had a positive test for a banned substance. Kamila Valieva, the 15-year-old, is the first female to jump quads at the Olympics which is a big thing for female figure skating. There is a lot of layers of complexity to this but what is upsetting is the media massacre that is happening. Overnight, the headlines all over the world basically slaughtered a 15-year-old child. I know Russians are known for doping issues and all of that but there are a lot of questions and details to this and it is important not to overlook it. The substance in the blood was found in the minimal amount in a sample provided in December so not actually during the competition itself. Was she given anything by her coaches? Did she take something unknowingly like this happened to a Canadian rower who was suspended but later was able to prove that it was their boyfriend basically drugging them? She was labeled as one of the greatest figure skaters in history and now her career will be tainted forever. This is definitely a tough situation to navigate but I hope the coaches and parents of that girl don’t let her access the internet now because I can’t imagine what kind of effect this would have on her mental health. She is after all a 15-year-old child.

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