“Elephants Can Remember” by Agatha Christie

It has been quite a while since I read any of Agatha Christie’s books. I used to be a huge fan of those when I was studying at the university and when in school. Her detective stories carried me away for hours and I could fly through a book in one evening. I recently found the story “Elephants Can Remember” when searching for something interesting to read and thought that it would be a good ending to my reading year.

“Elephants Can Remember” centers around the death of the Celia Ravenscroft’s parents who seemed to were found shot dead when they went for their daily walk in the countryside about 20 years ago. The police concluded the case to be a double suicide with no obvious motive otherwise. The case was long put to peace until Celia’s future marriage might be dependent on it. Her godmother who is a famous writer reaches out to Hercule Poirot to see what might be done to investigate the long-forgotten case. From there, the story picks up and the investigation begins.

Generally, the story was interesting and kept me turning pages which is always great. One thing that I did not quite enjoy is how it was written mostly as a dialogue rather than from the third-person view. I found the dialogue to be a bit distracting mode of telling the whole story and would have definitely liked it to be written more objectively. Anyhow, it made for an easy and fun holiday read.


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