Exploring Trieste

This summer, during our stay in Slovenia, we had a chance to spend one day in Trieste, Italy. It was approximately a 40-minute drive from Portotož where we had our AirBnB rented and we decided that it would be a great place to visit for one day.

Once we got to the city, we attempted to park in the city center but failed to find parking so we used the strategy of turning into small streets not far from the center and looking for a spot close to residential houses. That worked and glad that we managed to secure a spot for the car, we marched towards the Castello di San Gusto which is the Middle Age castle in Trieste with the Museum of different arms inside the castle. The castle garden was great – with shadows from the greenery cast around, it was a perfect refuge from the August heat. We strolled around the castle for a few hours exploring the ancient structure which reminded me a lot of the Roman ruins that I saw before in Tunisia.

The best part of the castle, of course, were the views from the top: it was overlooking the city meeting the city shore in all its beauty and vastness. Nicolas even managed to catch a picture of one building that has an Italian flag on it.

Once we explored the castle and the museum, we decided that it is time for some Italian treats and headed towards Eataly. Although the place was great, we had to wait for a while for a spot so we decided to stroll around and look for some alternatives. As a result (and surprise, surprise), we got some Italian pizza and I could not resist the Spritz (yes, my one and only drink under any circumstances).

We did get gelato after (my other one and only sweet obsession) on our stroll back to the car through the tiny Italian streets. We stopped on our way to grab some fresh peaches, plums, and apricots and walked slowly back enjoying the summertime. It was the first time in Italy for my parents and I was glad to bring them there. I know sometimes spending time with family can be challenging but through many many thoughts (and this is going to sound morbid), I am very conscious of the fact that our time is finite and when we are with the loved ones, we better not lose it.

Months after the trip, my mum keeps on sending me links to the news articles whenever she stumbles upon the news from Trieste. I take it as a compliment that she enjoyed the time we had together.





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