Rennweg am Katschberg: A Place For The Soul

In my previous traveling post, I mentioned that we spent our holidays this year in Slovenia but before we got there, we made a few stops on our way. One of them was on the Lake Bled in Slovenia and another one was in Rennweg am Katschberg in the Austrian Alps. I must mention before I continue that I am a 100% mountain person: I can hike in the mountains for hours every day and this is the best kind of rest for me. No surprise that I was extremely excited that we had a chance to stop in the mountains on our way.

After getting through a few tricky roads, we managed to get to the Gasthof Post where we were staying for the night. I loved the “gasthof” itself: the interior had a feel of authenticity manifested through unique objects hidden in the cozy corners of the common spaces of the house and the atmosphere was full of friendliness manifested with through every Austrian grandma and grandpa hiker greeting us in every common space.


Our room view surprised me even more as in the morning, I woke up to the magnificent mountains peeking right into our windows. I opened the window and spent some time staring at the view, mesmerized.

After breakfast which included the hand-picked selection of the hand-made teas from the Alps (the big thing for me as I am a huge fan of tea!), we went to stroll around Rennweg and enjoy the fresh mountain air. I loved walking around and peeking at unique old houses decorated with flowers and observing the locals of that small mountain village getting started with their day. The simplicity and tranquility of their everyday life gave me the feeling of infinity among the perturbations of the modern anxious world.

Cozy Houses in the Alps

During our walk, we also spotted an interesting water station made our of the tree trunk with fresh mountain water. I thought it was a clever invention fitting well with the ambiance of the place.

I was tempted to go on a hike in the mountains – there were a few trails beginning in the village – but with the time pressing, I did not get a chance this time. That’s okay though as it makes the perfect opportunity for me to come back to Rennweg – the place for the soul.

Do you know how the happiness looks?
In the mountains, air and spring?


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